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Halo,Haloh! Disiz Da " AQ! Homepage ", Mi-Page, ThanQ, How's gonna Wandafoo!!
AQ!, It's-me, Nipponese (trueName o' Japanese) Most Wao!-Komming Musikian!
Gonna-Fight, Beautifoo Musik, Hit-mi Wandafoo World!
Justa Sory, sorrie, NowYet,Dis Page's internal-organ z Only mostly onlie, JAPANESE.
Yousea, Ohkai, Jastanow, Run toda Bookstoa, Buy da "Howto Read'a Japanese" Textbook,
Stadie Haad, AND Enjoy Dis Page! ThanQ!!
And Alzou Dis Page Only Japanese, I kan read & rite GreataEnglish, O-kai, FluentliExxlent
If you'va ani Intereste, You kan Mail-mi, see Da Loa POST BOX.

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Hello! Welcome to Nippon-go (a.k.a. Japanese), Can you read This?